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Investment Management


Like most people, you want to earn more on your savings and investments. At the same time, you want to pay as little tax as possible. Most importantly of all, you probably want to minimise any risk that you take. It takes a great deal of time and effort to build your wealth, and you want to protect it for your future and for the future of your family.

An important key to maximising your assets, enhancing the quality of your life, and realising your personal and financial goals is to develop and implement strategies based on proven and unwavering planning and investment philosophies.

Such philosophy should be based on time tested principles and common sense. It should be consistent and provide integrated solutions. The philosophy should be effective, not complicated. It should keep you, your adviser, and your resources focused on those decisions and variables that truly make a difference.

Lifeplan Financial Management sits at the forefront of the provision of investment advice to clients in the UK. As a fee-only adviser, its judgement remains unbiased and its advice untainted by any conflicts of interest; Lifeplan sits on the same side of the table as its client, with a vested interest in their success and financial well being.

In other areas of life, medicine or the law, for example, decisions are routinely based on evidence.

Yet much of the investing industry ignores academic research, relying instead on a blinkered belief that armed with enough information, sophisticated software and the smartest minds, they can beat the market and get well paid for their efforts. An evidence-based investor has science on their side, giving them peace of mind and, over time, higher expected returns.

Our approach to managing money is intellectually robust, basing all of our decision making on leading academic theory and strong empirical evidence; our selection of an appropriate solution for a client uses leading edge tools to deliver the best advice possible; and the execution of that advice uses transparent, style pure, low cost exposure to markets delivered through market-leading solutions.

Lifeplan's clients can feel comfortable that the stresses and decisions that wealth brings are handled as effectively as they can be, by a dedicated team, whose interests are aligned with their own – allowing them to get on and enjoy the security and opportunities that wealth brings.

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